Who is Simon?

A word from the artisan/owner of Glaswerks by Simon....

Just like the first stained glass windows found in Gothic cathedrals in Europe, Simon also has his origins in the Old World.  Johann Philip Simon is my Swiss-German ancestor who, with his family, immigrated to America about the time that the colonies were declaring their independence from Great Britain.  Somewhere along the journey, our family name of Simon evolved into Simmons.

I have chosen the name Simon for my business in honor of my Swiss German ancestors and of their passion for “good work done well.”    This work ethic was part of our upbringing and it carries over into my stained glass work.  I strive toward creating stained glass objects that are pleasing to the eye, well constructed, and fairly priced.  (But please do not expect me to compete with the prices of the imported stained glass lamps and panels that have flooded the home decor market in the last twenty years.)

My interest in stained glass was kindled by a pastor about 30 years ago when he took time to share his hobby with my wife Donna and me. Having caught the bug, we immediately jumped into the craft by buying tools, supplies, and sheets of glass. For us, it was a wonderful time to create and recreate. Being self-taught, our first projects were suncatchers before moving on to panels and eventually lampshades. It was a wonderful avocation and people were always interested to learn about it or even to buy some of our creations.   Simply, people are drawn to works of stained glass because it transforms light into  beautiful and enduring objects that anybody can appreciate and enjoy.

In 2001, the avocation became a vocation when I was given an opportunity to work for Mary Jane Riggi at the Tiffany Art Glass Studio in Cincinnati OH. While there, I was able to design, fabricate, install, and even teach new students. Unfortunately, the economy at that time had a negative influence on both the stained glass hobby and the demand for custom design/fabrication. But it was fun while it lasted.

Through this website, I am making myself available to those who want to learn “how to do stained glass”,  or those who wish to have some custom project made, or those who need to have a stained glass object repaired.  Contact me by email of phone to discuss how I can work with you to make your stained glass wish become a reality.

Best regards,

Roger Simmons