Have you been wanting to learn the craft of stained glass? Have you explore classes but nothing fits your schedule? Or you just want to experience it before taking the plunge. Perhaps I can be of assistance...

When people approach me about learning the craft of stained glass, I answer by saying that they need to be comfortable in working with glass edges that can cut, chemicals that are toxic, and soldering irons that burn.   Otherwise, they might want to explore some other safer avenue of recreation.    If they are still interested, I then tell them that making stained glass projects is a fantastic hobby where one can create and re-create at the same time.  And I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate a gift of stained glass.

I have taught classes of six to thirty six.  I know that fewer students results in more “hands-on” learning.  I choose to limit my classes to one or two.   Your class will be scheduled according to your situation and circumstances.   The payment of your fees  will allow you to use the studio’s tools so you do not need to invest in equipment until you are are committed to the craft.    You will be responsible for the purchase of supplies like glass, solder, foil.   At this time, I do not teach lead came method of construction.

You will decide to how many classes you will initially commit.    For more details, please contact me.